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be able to get legally married in the united states? >> oh, come on. you're going to start there? >> yes, i do. >> okay. have you ever said that publicly before? >> i don't know if i've ever been asked publicly. >> now he has. >> once, maybe twice in two hours, are the president's men part of some coordinated plan, dana? >> i think it is a bit conspiratorial and i'm not sure whether the secretary of education feels one way or the other on this subject whether that indicates anything at all. now, the vice president biden is a different story. he is often known to just say what is on his mind regardless of the consequences, which is why you don't often see him on shows like "meet the press." i think what is going on here is here is how a lot of the people in this administration think. that's not the official line. they're sort of inching toward that official line. he got out in front of that a little bit but it is not as if he is completely at odds with what everybody else is thinking there. >> it appears there is a fine line here because you have the constitutional amendment opposing gay
you let a guy front a $2 million fundraiser who thinks the president of the united states was not born in the united states. >> i think it is a mystery especially for a candidate whose task is to reach some independent voters who will find this extreme. president obama was born in hawaii. the only advantage i can see for mitt romney is that it helps him -- donald trump is helping him raise money. i think it comes to some considerable cost to mitt romney. >> the las vegas son got ahold of campaign documents. the goal is to raise $2 million. $657,000 is already pledged. people keep asking why mitt romney wants donald trump around. is it as simple as money, david? >> pretty much. the president is going to raise a lot of money and mitt romney needs to compete. i think what we have found over the years is that a lot of us do a lot of talking about this person helping this candidate raise money and this weird person helping that candidate raise money. they know it takes money to win elections. unless somebody is really extreme and outside the mainstream it doesn't matter at the end of the da
that the united states can make it appear, perhaps by opening the supply lines essential to our drawing down troops in afghanistan. the fury that has been articulated so eloquently by both the armed services committee reflects a bipartisan outrage at the pakistanis dealing so mercilessly and unfairly and unjustly with someone who brought to justice one of the monsterous murderers of all time. >> the head of the ruling party talked with andrea mitchell. this is the argument he made about the arrest. here it is. >> unfortunately, andrea, that anyone collaborating with foreign intelligence, even of a friendly country, anywhere in the world is a crime. >> he makes it sound very logical, senator, we were just following our own laws. where is the problem in that? >> logical if you are in a kind of alice in wonderland, where the opposite of the truth is taken as the truth. and the fact of the matter is that the pakistanis have said consistently that they were not harboring osama bin laden, that they wanted to assist the united states in tracking him down, and then when one of their citizens in fact
romney was questioning this focus that the united states seemed to have on osama bin laden, and obviously that obama had on osama bin laden. are they just trying to say, hey, barack obama is the better decisionmaker here, he was decisive, made the right decisi decision, and look at the result? >> absolutely. that's probably fair game. it's going to be tricky for romney to back away from past statements but he did say them. in subsequent weeks at the time he said that in 2008 and what romney did say is it was a problem that was bigger than just one person, just one man, that he would go after the whole apparatus. but he down played the importance of bin laden at that time. he did make those remarks and later said, of course, he, too, would go after bin laden. but it seems to me he said those comments. they're obviously fair game. in the moment, you have to remember president bush had spent at that point seven years himself trying to go after bin laden and failed to do so. and by that time, president bush was saying, yes, it's bigger than any one person himself. so i think now, again, it's
able to succeed in the united states given where he's come from. but he's a young candidate, he's not been vetted. he doesn't have that brand recognition that you want from a vp. the fact that he can't solidify florida himself, i think it's much better to have him out there, across the state talking about his experience but bringing in a more mature candidate, maybe someone like mitch daniels. >> we heard earlier this week that mitch daniels would unplug the phone if he thought the call was coming. maria, thank you so much. >>> after decades of authoritarian rule, egyptians are voting en masse, choosing their president freely since hosni mubarak's resignation last spring. the polls opened up, but after a run-off, the winner won't be announced until june 21st. [ kate ] many women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. mine was earned off vietnam in
in 2013 and to be sure they can stand up enough afghanny troops to ensure the united states would be able to stop what would be offensive military hostilities in afghanistan and to transition from what is a counterinsurgency campaign to more of a counterterrorism campaign in afghanistan. i think the reality on the wall, jeff, is that once the french decided to pull the plug on their troops, leaving the united states is the last country in nato to keep the lights on in afghanistan was not a position the president wanted to be in. >> general mccaffrey, in your unique position, having sat in these meetings but apparently and reportedly the president made this decision about the withdrawal without much input from the military's top brass. what kind of friction exists already between the military and the white house on this issue and what kind of friction happened because of this decision? >> well, probably very little friction. at the end of the day, generally allen sitting on the ground in afghanistan has a real problem. we're coming out. we've told the entire world that. even getting out of
's only one guy who's running for president of the united states and offering this as his credential to be president. and we're having a fundamental debate about how we build the economy. >> and that debate is going to include, at least part of it is going to be about bain capital. the president admitting that yesterday as well. that's the same strategy that was used successfully to a certain extent in the primary against mitt romney as well. how can team romney, how can they in a better way respond more effectively to this bain capital stuff? >> it's really just sort of constant recitation and reputatire repetition of what they've said. relying on people to make an instinctive connection between someone who's been successful in the private sector and between economic policy competence. there's a tendency for people to make that connection. the romney people are banking on that people have that instinctive connection and they look at where the economy is now. very high economic anxiety. a sense that things aren't nearly going in the direction they should be. that makes them inclined
fact that the president was born in the united states. people who support him are entitled to have their own opinions. we thought it was interesting yesterday that mitt romney at his las vegas rally in his speech talked about of all the people he met one particular person and what he says they told him yesterday. this is mitt romney from vegas yesterday. >> i was speaking with one of these business owners who owns a couple of restaurants in town. he said i like to change the constitution. i'm not sure i can do it. i would like to have a provision in the constitution that in addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birth place of the president being set by the constitution i would like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business. >> why in the middle of this controversy if you want to sort of separate yourself from the donald trumps of the world and birthers why make a reference of all the people that you talk to to something that has to do with the birth place of the president? >> well, romney is t
for attacking the united states. but we are increasingly concerned that mr. obama does not have a clear policy to ensure that the country does not implode once the americans are gone." do you think there is a clear plan here? he just didn't necessarily detail it last night or -- >> well, i think there is a general plan, yes. the plan is that over the next year and a half u.s. combat forces will slowly leave the count country at the end of 2014 from will be a supporting role only and not combat forces. >> can i put those numbers up? 88,000 u.s. troops approximately are there now. 23,000 will come home by september so do the math. 60,000 plus will still be there in september. >> right. by the end of 2014, those -- in theory, those 60,000 will be gone. and here's the issue "the new york times" editorial was raising. up until now, the strategy appeared to have been to break the taliban's momentum that began a couple of years ago and build such strength that the taliban would come to the negotiating table so that before american forces left, some peace agreement, some national reconciliation could
. what is it that he has done as the president of the united states over the last four years? has he established the revicinitiliation he promised he would bring to us? >> he flipped it, deflected. >> i asked him several times, i wanted him to be clear he flipped it to talk about the president. gave one answer about energy was strong compared how he normally answered it. he wants the election to be about the president and the last three-and-a-half years. he has to engage and began to yesterday when i talked to him, he will have to do more, almost certainly will come up in their debates. his goal is to have the election be about the president's record, i think you will see him flip it the way he did in the sound bite. >> most fascinating part of the interview was after we have seen that the president's promising of 8% unemployment rate has been really gone after by the republicans, you sit down with mitt romney and he says to you, i'm going to bring you an even lower unemployment rate, let me play that clip. >> i can't possibly predict precisely what the unemployment rate will be afte
that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> but the administration's handling of mr. chen's situation has become political fodder for candidate mitt romney. listen to what he had to say -- >> our embassy failed to put in place the verifiable measures that would ensure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom and it's a day of shame for the obama administration. we are a place of freedom. here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack. >> in fact, the chinese government now says they will accept mr. chen's plection for travel documents but there is no telling how long that process could take. pull on those gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that give us more spring per dollar... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the hom
the same things he's promising the united states. he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. he'll take it all. >> and then stephanie cutter was on "the daily rundown" and she drove home that point. listen. >> mitt romney's business experience wasn't about job creation. we knew that. mitt romney finally admitted that. it was about wealth creation. >> dana, effective? >> well, sure. this is the strongest argument i think that can be made right now. you know, you can sort of see when newt gingrich started this attack on mitt romney a while ago these sorts of ads would be coming with the ominous music. and it does fit in with the whole occupy wall street sentiment, which was out there, dialed back a little bit, but there's a lot of potential for populist anger out there and romney has set himself up by some of the remarks that he's made. so it is one way in which the obama campaign can turn economic angst to their advantage. >> was it wrong, do you think, perry, he keeps calling himself a job creator. and the fact of the matter is that even his defenders will say, look, that ad, wh
and irresponsible to threaten that the united states will not pay its bills. this is like us saying we're not going to pay our credit cards or mofrmt it would be a big drag on the economy when we should be looking for ways to boost economic growth. >> i want to play a clip of what congressman steve israel said last night about john bane when he was on "hardball." >> chris, thing the problem is the inmates are running the asylum. john boehner doesn't have control of his caucus. you know what america needs? america needs a republican party. >> do you thing that's right? do you think boehner apz is in hard spot? >> there's no part the tea partiers are wagging the tail here in the united states. that's what brought us to the edge of crisis last year when they made the same threats with regard to the debt ceiling that. 's why you get big bipartisan votes out of the house, senate, democrats, republicans voting together on things like the violence against women's act, transportation bill. and yet when they come over to the house, the republican tea party caucus does not want to take that bipartisan approa
in the united states, do you want as a high pro file member of your team somebody who's talking about whether the president of the united states is -- >> absolutely not. that's not an issue that the romney people want to talk about. romney's never brought that up. there's a downside. i think you saw -- it's a flash point for the republican party. so they've obviously weighed on the benefits and costs and they're going to stick with trump for now. >> no surprise, trump hit back at george will on twitter. he's what we wrote -- may be the dumbest and most overrated political commentator of all time. if republicans listen to him, they will lose. do you think anybody in the romney campaign right now is a little bit nervous about trump going to the microphones in las vegas? >> yeah, that's the problem is donald trump likes to make the flavor last and so we don't know what he's going to say and in the days that follow, how he's going to spend his time on twitter or calling into tv shows like "morning joe" as he's done in the past and giving more and more and more of his opinion. so it is a tough lin
the tail here in the united states. that's what brought us to the edge of crisis last year when they made the same threats with regard to the debt ceiling that. 's why you get big bipartisan votes out of the house, senate, democrats, republicans voting together on things like the violence against women's act, transportation bill. and yet when they come over to the house, the republican tea party caucus does not want to take that bipartisan approach. we would have already passed both of the those measures i just mentioned, the violence against women's act, the transportation bill, had the house republican simply allowed an up or down vote on that. but they're against compromise. it's always their way, 100% or no way, and that is not a way to solve problems. >> but getting into this debt ceiling fight again, do you think this is just part of their ideology? we know how the tea party folks feel about the debt and they've been very clear. or do you thank they're looking at the possible political consequences for the president? look what happened last time. standard & poor downgraded the stock
of the united states in my opinion. that cutting hair off is so cruel to me. he held someone down and cut their hair off because they were different. >> that was half a century. will every candidate be evaluated for their entire record of their entire life then? is it fair? >> that's why i'm uncomfortable with it. when this came out yesterday, if romney's response had shown some real genuine contrition like yeah, that happened or something like that happened and i'm horrified when i look back. and believe me, ask anybody i know, i'm not that way now. i'm happy to let it go. >> but have to put the dog on his roof that likes to fire people. he still makes all these comments he says he might be that person. >> example of bill clinton said he did not inhale. even george w. bush and his drinking. these are other cases that may be in line with this. >> this is a clear path of change in a person. we all go through our metamorphosis as human beings. hopefully we're not the same as 20 years ago. but this man seems to have a complete disconnect -- >> this is 50 years ago though. >> but he's still a
peninsula. dangerous that it is the number one threat to united states. and a friendly intelligence source was inserting someone into it. if at any point that person's real mission had been uncovered, it would have been probably fatal. >> it allowed the u.s. to target some of the top al qaeda in yemen people, right? >> reporter: on sunday, there was an air strike who killed fahd al quso who was wanted for the u.s. for his role in the attack on the "uss cole" and because he's thought to have been the top operational person in al qaeda who succeeded anwar al awlaki. and u.s. officials say this latest plot wouldn't have gone forward if he hadn't personally approved it. >> let me ask you about this -- could there be fallout that the fact that this double agent was essentially uncovered? >> reporter: two issues here. one is the existence of this operation itself. and that's something that the administration and congressional leaders say they want to investigate. how during the fact that this operation was still going on last week before it became public, how did work of that begin to leak out?
to be president of the united states at this stage in his life, perry, but you wonder if 30 years from now there are a lot of politicians regretting little tweets they sent out or facebook messages they sent former girlfriends that maybe could come back to haunt them. i don't know. i think there is a little bit of a factor here of at what point is it too much. do you think so, perry? >> i think we're seeing this week the guy romney hired to be his national security spokesman resigned. part of the controversy was about his twitter messages. we're seeing it already in that facebook and twitter and what you put on social media has a big impact on your future in some ways. these letters in 20 years will be facebook posts. i assume the budding presidents watching should watch what they say on facebook. >> word to the wise. perry, karen, great to talk to both of you. today's tweet of the day, "huffington post" michael calderone says it's dangerous and they have been fretting about it. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he mad
men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states? >> come on. you're going to start there? >> yes, i do. >> have you ever said that publicly before? >> i don't know if i've ever been asked publicly. >> and by monday afternoon, jay carney took a beating at the white house press briefing? >> i would simply say his views are evolving which is what he said. i don't have an update on this issue. this president has been extremely aggressive in supporting lgbt rights. i don't have an update for you on the president's position. his views have not changed. i have no update to give you on them. >> e.j., the president is saying he planned to come out at some point and make this announcement before the convention he made that decision personally some months ago but was pushed a little bit. does the timing matter if it was before the election anyway? >> first of all, i think the happiest person in the world today is jay carney, the white house spokesman, doesn't have to engage in all those complicated answers. i think joe biden did him a favor. the definition of a gaffe
, you know, back in 1994 when he was running important the united states senate, he said publicly that he would be better than ted kennedy on gay and lesbian issues and takes a different position in front after different audience today. >> he's also changed what he has said about gay adoption. he at first seemed to support it. and was speaking very positively. then he just said it was something that was the law in his state. i mean, can you really say that mitt romney has been consistent on this issue? >> on the marriage issue he has been consistent throughout his entire career, both private and his public career. when he ran for the u.s. senate in '94, he believed marriage should be between man and woman. when elected governor in 2002, and then a couple of years later, the massachusetts general court, their supreme court, ordered the government to begin issuing marriage licenses and he not only opposed that move but he initiated an effort to pass a constitutional amendment to affirm marriage as between a man and woman. so if -- the person who has either, quote, evolved or flip-fl
because he thought they weren't concentrating enough on attacking the united states and, in fact, were killing too many muslims which he thought was bad pr for al qaeda. there was one other thing in there, in my brief read so far this morning that was very interesting. according to the analysts who looked at this, they found no direct connection to any individual within the pakistani government. of course, it was long suspected that pakistani officials were cooperating, and in fact may have helped conceal bin laden the the there, but what bin laden refers to in his writings are his trusted pakistani brothers. but no names were revealed. chris. >> more to come. jim miklaszewski, thanks for the early read on those documents. >>> mitt romney is closing the gap in several key swing states and a big part of the reason is the question. a brand-new quinnipiac poll shows romney edging the president by a point in florida. things there too close to call, obviously. the president takes the lead in ohio but same deal, within the margin of error. only in pennsylvania is the president comfortably ah
've had the united states push for action in the u.n. it was blocked by chi in and russia months ago. >> tony, is it overly simplistic when mitt romney says the president needs to put more pressure on russia? >> i don't think it's sim pal to give that guidance to the president that more pressure needs to go on russia. it's a very complicated situation, pressure on russia and china and other actors in the region. you know, the real challenge for, thing, actually both the president and mitt romney as a challenger as explained to the american people why this is critical and important to american voters, and, of course, you know, american voters tend to not pay a whole lot of attention to these kinds of foreign policy issues until they get very bad, and if the situation gets much worse, we think it is, you know, horrifying to see the massacre last week, that it could raise to that level. the president has a challenge in terms of the consistency of his policy. he, of course, went into libya to great success, and it was a move i supported. i know others did as well. it's confusing to the a
and then be eligible for the kind of visa that allows them to legally stay in the united states and even on their own without relying on their abusers status as a citizen to become citizens themselves. without that, and still having the fear of deportation, why are they going to go to law enforcement? i'm glad that they seem to have addressed something with native americans. we're going to have to look carefully at it. but the senate bill is a perfect bill. it is a bipartisan bill and it goes a long way to bringing everybody together. why not go with that? they won't do it. >> i do want to point out that we had booked a republican member of congress to come on who cancelled late so we weren't able to replace. but i do want to play a clip of republican congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers, she was on "hardball" last night. here's what she said about it? >> why would you cover people who are not in a traditional marriage? why would you limit it to just traditional marriage folks? >> those are side issues that have been attached to this bill. >> they're not side issues if you're getting beat up by your p
certificate controversy. i'm still not sure donald trump believes he was born in the united states. is there some lingering anger, discontent on the right? what is it? >> oh, i mean, there's more than lingering anger and discontent on the right. there are people who think that the president has done a terrible job and people who have a more conspiratorial bent who think if america knew the real truth about his neoanticolonialism. i don't think that taps into that. we have to remember mitt romney and barack obama, but mitt romney just won primary campaign not by talking about, oh, i'm going to reform social security and medicare. we're going to get our payments in a line. he won by running against that. what are you going to talk about for the next six months? they're going to try to rally the red meat base with tales of woe from the other side. it will be effective for the respective bases but for the rest of the country, that's why the biggest bloc of voters are independents. 40% of americans are independents because they're tired of this. they want a politics responsive to the ac
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)